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5 thinking errors fixed by BBST® Foundations

5 thinking errors fixed by BBST® Foundations

When you want to join the testing community there are a few things you need to know. Testing is much more than exploring a platform, discovering some supposedly obvious UI errors (e.g. a button that is not working), or working all by yourself. I have to admit that these were some of my thoughts before I started BBST® Foundations. This course was a strong starting point in my career that fixed some of my testing biases, or “thinking errors” as I like to call them.

Here are 5 such thoughts and how they changed after completing BBST® Foundations:

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2023 Heads-up: The Inevitable Prices Change

2023 Heads-up: The Inevitable Prices Change

[Update September 2023] Aligning the Foundations price with the other BBST® courses helped us maintain the quality of the education materials and offer fair compensation to our instructors. However, we need to increase further all course prices to cover the cost of continuous development. Starting September 26th, 2023 all courses and specializations prices will increase by 18%.

It’s been 8 years since the first people on our team started teaching, promoting, and eventually dedicating much of their resources to updating and developing the BBST® series. They were convinced (and managed to convince others like me) that BBST® can significantly improve the software testing practices of our industry.

During this period, we had some tough lessons to learn, among them being how much time and dedication such a highly valuable training program needs. Fortunately, your feedback kept coming with proof of their impact and inspiring ideas to improve. And so, the answer to the question ”is it worth it?” stayed a firm “yes”.

We started the year analyzing our resources, as most of our service providers increased their prices at the end of 2022 and all of Europe is getting ready for a recession. The conclusion is that we also need to adjust our prices to the current economic situation to continue developing the course series.

The prices change

If you are reading this blog post before March 15, 2023, you can notice that the Foundations course price is lower than the Bug Advocacy or Test Design one. We made an effort to provide it at a discount although the course is as valuable as the others, and although it takes as much time and resources to organize and keep up-to-date. The strategy behind this was to offer an extra incentive for those of you who find it hard to take that first step into the BBST® series.

In today’s economy, we can no longer maintain this discount.

Starting with March 15, 2023, the prices for the Foundations course and the specializations on our website will change as follows:

  • The BBST® Foundations course will have the same price as the other BBST® individual courses, 750 euros + VAT
  • The specializations prices will increase while remaining the best offer on our website:
    • a 2-course specialization will be 1275 euros + VAT
    • a 3-course specialization will be 1800 euros + VAT
    • and the complete 4-course specialization will be 2400 euros + VAT

If you are planning on completing a BBST® specialization or individual course, you still have time to register at the discounted price until March 15th, 10:55 am (GTM+2). Tell your community as well, and help us get to those who have the courses saved but need that extra incentive to register ;).