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5 concepts from BBST that will help you create more powerful automated tests

5 concepts from BBST that will help you create more powerful automated tests

A lot of projects and companies nowadays no longer have dedicated testers. That doesn’t mean they no longer do testing; they simply share the responsibility of testing inside a development team. Testing becomes an activity that everyone in the team does, but there’s also a strong focus on automation and trying to create large regression suites that cover as much as possible from the overall functionality of the application.

I’ve also seen automated scripts created in several contexts where the people creating them were focused on solving the programming challenges, but they seemed to overlook one key element: how to make their tests powerful. There were lots of hours involved, lots of tools and frameworks, lots of lines of code, but there was little understanding of the application and superficial interest in what the tests will find and cover. So the teams put a lot of effort in creating extensive automated test suites but the question that remained was “Do they bring enough value?”

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Webinar with Cem Kaner: An Introduction to Domain Testing

Webinar with Cem Kaner: An Introduction to Domain Testing

Watch the recording of the webinar with Cem Kaner from January 4, 2018:

Download the slides here.

Host: Alexandra Casapu

Description of the webinar:

Whether you want to prepare for the upcoming BBST Domain Testing class or you simply want to learn more about domain testing, you are welcome to join this one-hour session.

Cem will discuss:
• what is domain testing
• what it is not
• examples of how to use this technique

We’ll make sure to leave plenty of time for addressing questions from you.

BBST Domain Testing  || Jun 9 – Jul 6 2019

Last seats available for this year’s Domain Testing course with Cem Kaner.

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The Domain Testing Pilot Workshop

The Domain Testing Pilot Workshop

Kaner, Fiedler & Associates is developing a course on Domain Testing. This will be the first of the next generation of BBST courses. We are recruiting participants to help pilot test our newest materials.

The first live pilot, co-sponsored with Florida Tech’s Center for Software Testing Education and Research will be held January 27-31, 2014 in Melbourne, FL.

The second live pilot, co-sponsored with DeveloperTown, will be held May 12-16 19-23 in Indianapolis, IN.

If selected to participate, we will require a $100 non-refundable deposit to defray the costs of facilities, lunches, and snacks.

We will post additional details to this website as they become available.