The BBST Grants

In these troublesome times, when every aspect of our lives is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, helping and caring for each other is crucial. This is why we are offering 15 spots at our next BBST® Foundations class for free to people who have lost their jobs in the last month and wish to acquire new software testing skills for a better chance of getting rehired.

How BBST® Foundations can help you

The Black-Box Software Testing courses are designed to help participants gain valuable skills in software testing that they can use and rely on in their work. BBST® Foundations is the first step in this learning experience, helping you:

  • Stand out with a BBST certification. Have a highly-regarded, distinguishable course certification signed by known instructors on your CV and professional online profile.
  • Improve your chance of getting hired. During the course, you gain a solid understanding of key concepts in software testing, that you can use with confidence.
  • Adapt to your new environment. We promote a context-driven approach to testing, helping you gain valuable skills suitable for different environments.
  • Become a professional. The BBST Foundations course is organized around the critical challenges in software testing, teaching you how to handle them like an experienced tester.

Course Details:

03 May – 30 May

Fully Online

4 weeks of classes

~20 hours/week to complete

What makes BBST Foundations unique

  • designed for online learning since the very beginning
  • the in-depth level of learning – participants practice, discuss and evaluate what they are learning
  • highly practical with real-life issues faced by IT professionals
  • individual feedback on every assignment from the instructors
  • interactive grading of your final exam, a 1-1 session with one of the instructors
  • small groups of students, making it possible to interact with everyone as in a face to face class
  • instructors with over 15 years of experience in the field

Read more about the BBST Foundations course here.

Grant applications

We want to help the people who really need and would benefit the most from this learning opportunity. We will be looking at:

  • job status – the grant is addressed to those who have lost their job due to the pandemic
  • knowledge of English – you need a good understanding of written and spoken English to successfully complete the course
  • motivation – the BBST Foundations is a challenging course that takes an average of 20 hours per week of reading and practicing. It is designed to explore your limits and expand them, getting you ready for many new challenges.

There is no typical background that you need in order to benefit from the course. We have had university students relatively unfamiliar with testing, professionals from other connected fields, and software testers with several years of experience.

Application deadline: 22 April 2020

Applications are now closed

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