3-course specialization

BBST® Professional Software Testing Specialization

The BBST® Specialization was created as a sequence of courses, with each one building on skills introduced in the former. This is why the Foundations course is a prerequisite for the Bug Advocacy course and the Test Design course.

This specialization will teach you to:

  • Use test strategies in your work  and tackle the four critical challenges in software testing – choose the right tests, determine if a program has passed the test, measure how thoroughly you’ve tested the program, know when to stop testing
  • Develop skills in effective bug investigation – gain technical skills, such as troubleshooting failures and isolating failure-producing configurations.
  • Know how to get the right bugs fixed – understand excuses for not fixing bugs and know how to prepare for them.
  • Have extensive practice with 6 powerful testing techniques– functional testing and tours, risk-based testing, spec-based testing, scenario testing, domain testing, and multivariable testing.


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Specialization Details:

3 online courses in the specialization

3 weeks of classes/course

1 week for exam/course

choose from the available dates of each course

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The BBST® Course

BBST Foundation - Software Testing Course

understand what are the key challenges in testing and work on developing skills in solving them
practice creating test strategies adapted to specific contexts
select the most useful oracles that help you efficiently identify the expected result for your exploratory or automated tests
learn how to efficiently take the decision when to stop testing and how to avoid the common traps of test measurements

Read more about the course here.

BBST Bug Advocacy - Software Testing Course

highly interactive, hands-on course, where you work on an open source project
learn how to investigate better the bugs you discover using the RIMGEN framework
understand excuses and reasons for not fixing bugs
write more persuasive bug reports, considering the interests and concerns of your audience

Read more about the course here.

BBST Test Design - Software Testing Course

gain the ability to adopt the approaches and techniques which are applicable to your project
know a variety of techniques, with insight into their comparative strengths and blind spots
get extensive practical experience with 6 of the 72 testing techniques survied in the course
practice function testing and tours, risk-based testing, spec-based testing, scenario testing, domain testing and multivariable testing.

Read more about the course here.

Software Testing Certification

BBST® Software Testing Certification

Participants who successfully complete a course will receive a Certificate of Completion in digital format, with a link that you can use in your CV, LinkedIn profile, or other professional platforms.

Gain the necessary expertize to practice professional software testing


Invest in your skills and become a better tester. Going through these 3 courses, you will take part in an interactive learning process that will change the way you understand testing, giving you the necessary mindset to practice professional software testing.

Through purchasing the specialization, you gain access to all three courses. You can choose the classes you want to attend for each course after your order, via email.

BBST® Professional Software Testing Specialization

Software testing specialization with 3 courses

Promotional price: 2,124 1,800 Register