BBST Instructor Course

Introduction to the

Part A of the first lectures presents how the apprenticeship model developed by Cem Kaner in conjunction with the Association for Software Testing works.

The BBST® Project

Part B of the first lecture offers a broad overview of the Black Box Software Testing project and how its evolution.

Testing and Teaching

Part C presents the underlying software testing philosophy that guides our approach, introducing some of the learning theories and perspectives that guided the development of the BBST courses.

The BBST® Course

In this lecture, Fiedler explains why the various components are included in the BBST courses and how they all fit together.


Teaching an online course requires you to pay attention to a lot of details. In this presentation, the focus is primarily on pre-course setup and post-course wrap-up.


This presentation provides a review of the instructor’s responsibilities – especially as they relate to course management.

Communication in the
Online Classroom

An instructor needs excellent communication skills to make the online classroom seems warm and friendly. This presentation shares ideas to help you set the right tone.

Feedback for Better
Student Performance

Providing students with constructive feedback is an essential component of the online teacher’s interactions with students. This presentation discusses a model and strategies to provide feedback focusing on improving student performance.

Assessment and

This brief lecture focuses on creating tools to help the online instructor provide consistent assessments to students.