BBST® Foundations 3.0 –  Completely New Design With Content Revision

BBST® Foundations 3.0 – Completely New Design With Content Revision

We are proud to announce the first significant update on the BBST® Foundations 3.0 that we are planning to release this year: a completely new design with content revisions for all lectures and assignments. 

Back in 2014 we started our collaboration with Cem Kaner and Rebecca Fiedler, convinced that the BBST® series will change the practice of software testing. Our first goal was to make the courses more popular in Romania and Finland, then we committed to promoting them in Europe and now we are devoted to keeping the BBST® series as the go-to courses for advanced skills in software testing worldwide.

Today we are making an important contribution towards our goal by releasing a fresh new version of the BBST® Foundations video lectures. This is just the beginning of our process of updating the entire series on all relevant levels, from design to content, assignments, and more.

BBST Foundations 3.0 New Design

Over the years we have received a lot of feedback on the design of the slides and video lectures. It became clear that there was a need for a new look and feel for all the BBST materials.

We started working on a new look for the BBST® series, first with the new logos and continuing with other materials in 2018. We learned an important lesson: a course as extensive and scientifically based as any of the BBST® ones will need a lot of time and effort to update.

A facelift on an online course like BBST® is much like an architect looking to redesign a beautiful interior; it’s not just about making the interior look modern and aesthetically pleasing (although that is a very important part of it) but also about making it practical for the intended use.

With this in mind, we are releasing this BBST® Foundation facelift where we believe we have managed to incorporate our students’ feedback, and keep the material easy to understand, follow and memorize. We have published the first lecture in the series as a preview for everyone looking to register for our online courses.

If you are waiting for another reason to enroll in the course this is it! Register for the Foundations class in September 2020 and you will be among the first to benefit from our new design.

Register To Foundations New Design

BBST Foundations 3.0 Content Revision

The new design of the course is a great opportunity for revisioning the overall material of the lectures and assignments. However, with this release, we did not intend on making big changes to the material. This is why we are still at the 3.0 version and not 4.0 yet. Our plan is to make incremental improvements while being extremely focused on keeping a high-quality level of learning.

With that being said, we made some changes, as follows:

  • Revision of some of the links and recommended readings
  • Reviews and edits on some of the slide content to reflect our current instructional approach
  • Small interventions on definitions, examples and other statements in accordance with the suggestions of improvement gathered by Cem Kaner throughout the years

We are very excited to offer this new version and receive your feedback on it! Share our news with your peers and register for our Foundations class in September 2020.

Register To Foundations New Design

We would like to thank the instructors and contributors that worked on the new design and content revision of BBST Foundations 3.0 and especially the students that gave feedback on the classes.

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