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The Domain Testing Pilot Workshop

The Domain Testing Pilot Workshop

Kaner, Fiedler & Associates is developing a course on Domain Testing. This will be the first of the next generation of BBST courses. We are recruiting participants to help pilot test our newest materials.

The first live pilot, co-sponsored with Florida Tech’s Center for Software Testing Education and Research will be held January 27-31, 2014 in Melbourne, FL.

The second live pilot, co-sponsored with DeveloperTown, will be held May 12-16 19-23 in Indianapolis, IN.

If selected to participate, we will require a $100 non-refundable deposit to defray the costs of facilities, lunches, and snacks.

We will post additional details to this website as they become available.

The 2014 Workshop on Teaching Software Testing

Kaner, Fiedler, and Associates, LLC is proud to co-sponsor the 2014 Workshop on Teaching Software Testing. In addition to the traditional WTST meeting, we are also looking for people interested in participating in a pilot test of The Domain Testing Workshop. This is your chance to influence development for the first of our next generation of BBST courses.

Kaner, Fiedler, & Associates, LLC has formed

Cem Kaner, JD, PhD, and Rebecca Fiedler, PhD announce a new venture, KANER FIEDLER & ASSOCIATES, LLC.

Cem Kaner, the author of Testing Computer Software and Lessons Learned in Software Testing, offers consulting services in software testing and computer-related law. (Cem’s website)

Rebecca Fiedler, a veteran educator, and instructional designer, can work with you to develop computer-based or online training in any discipline.

Together, Cem and Rebecca co-developed the popular Black Box Software Testing Online Courses for the National Science Foundation. Now that the National Science Foundation project is coming to a successful conclusion, Kaner and Fiedler are available to bring their expertise to you.

We can offer online training courses to your test group including:

  • BBST® Foundations in Software Testing
  • BBST® Bug Advocacy – for better bug reporting
  • BBST® Test Design

Classes use a combination of challenging exercises, engaging video lectures, participants’ real-world experiences, and skill-building assignments to develop critical thinking and practical skills in your testers.

Contact us to schedule one or more BBST® online classes for your group or to customize a course for your company.

Explore this website for more information about the content in the courses.