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A new BBST® official partner: Oose

A new BBST® official partner: Oose

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Oose, a consulting, education, and training company based in Germany. For the past 20 years, they have been offering seminars and workshops, at their customers’ site and the oose.campus in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertelfor.

A few of their trainers approached us wanting to promote the BBST® courses among companies with german-speaking professionals. First, we invited them to take our courses, to ensure an in-depth understanding of the material and our educational method. Second, we talked about ways to make the courses more accessible to the companies they have been working with.

We came up with an interesting and hopefully very useful version for the first course in any of the BBST® specializations: BBST® Foundations.

The BBST® Foundations offered by Oose

It has been over a year of talking, planning, and working together. Now there is a hybrid version of the BBST® Foundations course designed for the german-speaking community.

The materials, method of teaching, grading, and the level of involvement from the instructors, have remained the same as in the courses offered by us. Oose brings two main differences to the course:

  • Language. The lectures will continue to be in English, but with German subtitles. The assignments will be in German. The instructors will be able to give feedback and interact with the participants in German.
  • Location. The course will be delivered online with on-site sessions in Hamburg.

The first course organized by Oose will start on the first of July. You can find more details on their site here.

We are very excited about this new partnership and hope that together we can bring the extraordinary skill-building teachings of BBST® to even more IT professionals all over the world.