System requirements for BBST Courses

System requirements for BBST Courses

General software requirements for all classes

  • Internet access – You will need to have internet access at all times to access the course platform and other materials included
  • Web browser – Canvas works best on a recent version of Chrome. If you are using a personal computer, we typically recommend having two browsers installed. Chrome is a good choice for both Mac and Windows users. So is Firefox. For Windows machines, Internet Explorer 10 and 11 is best. Another alternative is Safari.
  • Media player – Students must be able to view videos in wmv, mov, or mp4 formats. A number of free media players allow for this. We prefer the free, open source VLC player but anything that plays the videos will do. Quicktime and Windows Media Player are two popular options. Students will probably need both of these if they don’t have VLC.
  • PDF reader – Students also need to be able to read PDF files. Adobe’s Reader is the most popular option but there are other alternatives.
  • Skype – We may use Skype for interactive feedback. It allows us to share screens and talk to individual students. You will need a microphone on your computer. The built-in microphone is usually sufficient although many people like to use a headset/mic combination.
  • Text editor – Most participants find a text editor to be a useful tool. We use and recommend the editors built into our operating systems but many students use Microsoft Word.

BBST Foundations class

There are no special software requirements beyond the general requirements listed above.

BBST Bug Advocacy class

In addition to the general requirements listed above :

  • OpenOffice – An open-source suite of productivity software designed to compete with Microsoft Office. Free downloads are available at
  •  Xmind – Download this free mind-mapping and brainstorming software package here: It runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers. You will need this beginning with Lesson 3.
  • Screen capture – Windows 7 and Macintosh both have satisfactory screen capture utilities built into the OS. You may need this tool at any time in the course.
  • Paint program – From time to time, students need to edit a screen capture. The built-in paint program for Windows is fine for this. Macintosh users can download their favorite free image editing software. You may need this tool at any time in the course.

BBST Test Design class

In addition to the general requirements listed above, and those from the Bug Advocacy class :

BBST Domain Testing class

In addition to the general requirements listed above, and those from the Test Design class :

  • GnuCash. You can download this free, open-source personal finance software at It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. We will design tests against it throughout the week.

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