My Experience with BBST Foundations

My Experience with BBST Foundations

I learned about BBST from several people in the testing community who told me how cool it is and how even if you’re experienced in software testing you will still learn a lot. This and the fact that I don’t have to memorize but instead understand the key concepts got me really intrigued. I’m kind of skeptic around online courses but I felt like I needed to check this one out.

The BBST experience!

Well after hearing so many great things about it I decided to enroll into the BBST Foundations summer class.

I received the workbook in my mailbox before the online course began. I found it really helpful and I had the chance to get a better glance at what was coming.

When I started the online course my plan was to do as much as I can, since the estimated time for the workload was 1-2 hours per day. In that period of time I was pretty busy (work, wedding preparations) so every chance I got at some free time I would spend it on BBST.

After I got started and saw how interesting it is, spending the free time on BBST related activities became natural and fun. This didn’t happen with most online courses I’ve taken.

Why did it feel so natural and fun to spend so much time on the BBST activities?

From my perspective (a software tester with 7 years of experience at that time) I liked that I had to really understand the lessons in order to answer quizzes and do my homework. I got the chance to better understand some key concepts that I already knew.

I was exposed to different contexts in some situations that I wasn’t exposed before, such as understanding the testing mission for the testing effort in a game testing context. Even though I don’t work in game testing, this lesson in particular showed me that you need to apply the best practice in that context. While many other testing courses present a best practice on all contexts, this course is different.

The feedback sessions with the instructors were also fun. I received feedback after every assignment and not just at the end of the course. In this way I was able to have certainty that I understood the lessons and that, if I missed something, I would realize it before the final exam.

What’s next?

Well, I think this was the most “worked for” course certificate and the one that gave me the most satisfaction and pride in completing a course.

This year I want to enroll in the BBST Bug Advocacy class 🙂

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